Technology & Comfort

Germany Dental proudly offers the most advanced dental technology to you, our patients! We want to help you get the happy, healthy smile you deserve. That’s why our doctors have invested in bringing state-of-the-art dentistry to Mississippi. We have our own local dental lab that allows us to improve the quality of our cosmetic and dental implant cases.

Dental Technology

By eliminating the need to outsource to dental labs, we’re able to pass on some savings to our patients. By integrating leading edge technology into our practice, we have the ability to provide you with comprehensive dentistry. It’s not only precise and dependable, but also more comfortable, and better for your health! All of these factors lead to a great experience at Germany Dental.

Digital X-Rays
Our in-house x-ray system utilizes a tiny sensor that emits a small amount of radiation – up to 90-percent less than traditional X-rays. This x-ray creates a detailed, digital image that is immediately viewable on a chair-side monitor and leads to a better and more relaxing experience.

i-CAT 3D Cone Beam Technology
Most leading dental implant dentists would agree that i-Cat 3D cone beam technology is a must when doing dental implants. We are one of the first dentists in Mississippi to utilize i-CAT, which allows us to analyze a full 3D scan using 3D imaging. Scans from iCAT are similar to medical CTs, but only require a fraction of the time and also drastically reduce radiation exposure. We provide iCAT in our office, eliminating the need for you to visit a separate lab.
i-CAT scan imaging works by utilizing a beam of radiation that rotates around the patient. This computer-guided technology brings a new level of precision, safety, and accuracy for planning and completing implant surgeries. An i-CAT digital image contains the structures beneath the surface of teeth and gums including all angles of your roots, internal canals, and jawbone. This advanced dental tool allows us to look at and diagnose issues accurately and efficiently and we were recently able to diagnose a mandibular lesion and save one of our patient’s lives!

Prettau Bridges
A great solution for long-term, implant-supported teethth replacements are Prettau Bridges. We build the implants in-house at our Germany Dental Lab facility using state-of-the-art technology and our ZirkonZahn machine. We are the only dentist in Mississippi that has the ability to manufacture our very own Prettau Bridges, and this allows us to offer better prices and better quality service. We strive to have the very best equipment, technology, and materials to better serve our patients.

Comfort & Amenities
We want your visit to be soothing and relaxing in every way. Our Brandon dental office provides massage chairs in each operatory for complete comfort. Germany Dental also offers sedation dentistry, this service helps our patients who might be fearful of dental procedures. Please be sure to talk to us about your level of anxiety so that we can make every experience with us a pleasant one.

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