Emergency Dental Care

Emergency Dental Care for Jackson, Flowood & Beyond
Do you know what to do in the case of a dental emergency? There’s a good chance that you may not, which is why we want to cover a few common emergencies here and offer advice on how to respond should you find yourself facing one of them.

Emergency Dentistry

Tooth Pain
A common dental emergency in the Brandon and Jackson area is tooth pain. There are common, less serious causes, which is when patients that are experiencing tooth pain are often advised to floss and brush around the area. This is done in case food has just become lodged near the tooth. There are however, a variety of factors that can cause extreme tooth pain, including decay, an infection, or a fracture, all of which are serious causes. If you’re still experiencing severe pain after a few days, contact Dr. Germany, your emergency dentist, for help.

Knocked Out Teeth
One of the most common emergency dental care needs that Dr. Germany can help with is knocked out teeth. There’s no single reason behind a knocked out tooth but the steps to take in caring for one are the same. Your first step is to clean and preserve the tooth. Avoid scrubbing it, instead, you should preserve it by placing it back in the socket it came from or by storing it in a bag of milk. Once you’ve taken these steps, call your emergency dentist Dr. Germany. Our Brandon office can then instruct you on what steps to take next.

Broken Teeth
The last emergency dental care situation we’d like to highlight is what you can do in cases of a broken tooth. As with a knocked out tooth, your first step should be to rinse and preserve the broken portion of your tooth. Then, after calling our office to find out what Dr. Germany can do to help, you can combat swelling by applying a cold compress to the affected area.

For any other emergency dental care situation, give our Brandon dental office a call.
In more severe cases, where broken bones or bleeding might be involved, you should seek care from your nearest emergency room.

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