Implant Bridge

The Germany Implant Bridge (GIB)
An amazing solution exists for missing teeth in Mississippi. It’s known to patients in Brandon and the Jackson area as the Germany Implant Bridge (GIB).

Dental Implants

Problems Caused by Missing Teeth
Missing teeth can have several negative effects. While missing teeth present problems aesthetically and can cause individuals to shy away from smiling normally, other, more serious complications can arise regarding health. Not having normal oral function due to missing or decaying teeth can also severely reduce quality of life by eliminating the ability to eat and enjoy certain foods.
If you are missing teeth or experiencing pain or sensitivity due to dental neglect, there is a solution. The GIB permanent solution can restore your quality of life and the happy, healthy smile you once enjoyed! The word permanent is often misused when paired with dental procedures using traditional porcelain. While porcelain solutions work well, they will require repair or replacement of the restoration at some point in time.

Features of the GIB
The Germany Implant Bridge changes the game in several ways, one being the use of high-quality Zirconia. Zirconia, also known as “white steel,” is as strong or stronger than most metal restorations. Because of its reliable strength, Zirconia is known for its versatility and resistance to fracturing or chipping. Along with its superior structural integrity, Zirconia gives dentists the tool to finally create a natural look and feel that is aesthetically pleasing, highly functional and permanent! This new material is truly revolutionizing dental restorations!

The GIB Process
The process of making GIBs starts with you and Dr. Germany creating a blueprint of how you want your smile to appear. Using a CAD/CAM system we can create a computer-generated depiction of your jaw and mouth that allows us to take the most individualized approach possible. With our unique technology, your Germany Implant Bridge will be custom created and fitted to match exact specifications based only on you. The result is a new smile and a new you! The days of hiding your smile or depriving yourself of the foods you want to eat can be over with the Germany Implant Bridge! A healthy, full smile can be yours.

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