Porcelain Crowns

Natural Looking Tooth Repair for the Jackson Area

Dr. Germany uses porcelain crowns to restore the strength and functionality of cracked, decayed, or otherwise damaged teeth. Crowns are made from a variety of materials, but the most common of these is porcelain.


Porcelain is a durable material that closely resembles the appearance of natural enamel. As a result, a patient who has a tooth restored with a porcelain crown can look forward to a more functional smile that also looks natural.

How Do Porcelain Crowns Restore Strength and Functionality?
Porcelain crowns are a permanent restorative dentistry option. They work by fitting over the tooth that needs to be restored, shielding it from further harm and protecting its root from extraction. You can keep more of your natural smile, ensuring that your smile’s foundation—the jaw—remains strong and supportive.

The Porcelain Crown Process
The entire porcelain crown process takes at least two visits to complete. During your first appointment at our dental office, located in Brandon, Dr. Germany will prep your tooth by removing decay and re-sculpting the tooth. This will make it easier for us to fit your brand new porcelain crown over your existing tooth. To finish your first appointment, Dr. Germany will create a temporary crown for you to wear while our lab makes your permanent one.
After our lab carefully crafts your porcelain crown, you’ll return to our dental office in Brandon to have your procedure completed. The final steps of a porcelain crown procedure involve the removal of the temporary crown and the placement of your brand new one. To secure your new crown, Dr. Germany will cement it into place. With that done, your porcelain crown procedure will be complete, and you’ll be ready to take your new smile out into the world.

Porcelain Crowns for Jackson, Brandon, and Beyond
Do you have a tooth with decay or physical damage? Germany Dental is committed to helping patients from Brandon, Jackson, Madison, and Flowood to achieve optimal oral health through custom-made and custom-shaded porcelain crowns.

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