Porcelain Veneers


Veneers - Germany DentalWhat’s keeping you from sharing your smile with those closest to you? For many patients it’s a combination of things like tooth staining, chipped teeth, or misalignment. Thankfully, there’s a cosmetic dentistry solution available from Germany Dental that can help patients from Jackson, Flowood, Madison, and Brandon hide imperfections like these to enjoy a transformed smile—porcelain veneers.



Porcelain veneers are a highly personalized cosmetic dentistry service available from Germany Dental in Brandon, near Jackson, to help you rejuvenate your smile. Each veneer is carefully crafted from high quality dental porcelain and is affixed over stains, chipped teeth, and misaligned teeth to give the front of your smile a gorgeous, natural new look.

What kinds of imperfections can porcelain veneers help you mask?

  • The list includes
  • Stained or discolored teeth
  • Unattractive gaps
  • Unevenly worn teeth
  • Misshapen or misaligned teeth
  • Cracked or chipped teeth

A smile makeover with porcelain veneers takes two visits to complete. During the first visit, Dr. Germany will assess your oral health, find out from you what you want to change about your smile, and, in addition to designing your veneers, will begin prepping your smile. Then, when your porcelain veneers have been completed, they’ll be permanently affixed to your teeth in a follow-up appointment.

Dr. Germany serves families in Jackson, Brandon, Flowood, Madison, and communities across central Mississippi. Call (601) 825-4746 today or schedule your appointment now.